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Star Trek: The Original Series


Release DateNovember 1994

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Next Generation

CaptainsJames T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard
StarshipsUSS Enterprise NCC-1701, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
Rating4.04 (2,119 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated April 16, 2020
Rank#64 out of 651 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 are faced with their most challenging mission yet - rescuing renowned scientist Zefram Cochrane from captors who want to use his skills to conquer the galaxy. Meanwhile, ninety-nine years in the future on the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Picard must rescue an important and mysterious person whose safety is vital to the survival of the Federation.
Star Trek: The Original Series: Federation
2267 (stardate 4523.3) Star Trek S02 E15 - The Trouble with Tribbles
2267 (stardate 4040.7) Star Trek S02 E25 - Bread and Circuses
2267 Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering (Crucible #3)
2267 Twilight's End (Star Trek: The Original Series #77)
2267 (stardate 3842.3) Star Trek S02 E10 - Journey to Babel
2267 Federation (Star Trek: The Original Series)
2267 The Vulcan Academy Murders (Star Trek: The Original Series #20)
2267 The IDIC Epidemic (Star Trek: The Original Series #38)
December 14, 2267 (stardate 4211.4) Star Trek S02 E19 - A Private Little War
2268 (stardate 3211.7) Star Trek S02 E16 - The Gamesters of Triskelion
January, 2268 (stardate 3619.2) Star Trek S02 E13 - Obsession