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Prey #2

The Jackal's Trick

Release DateOctober 2016

Prey #2

Star Trek: The Next Generation

CaptainsJean-Luc Picard, Christine Vale
StarshipsUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, USS Titan
March 2386
Rating4.09 (451 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated April 25, 2020
Rank#40 out of 651 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
The Klingon cult known as the Unsung rampages across the stars, striking from the shadows in their cloaked Birds-of-Prey. Into danger flies Admiral Riker on the USS Titan and Captain Picard on the USS Enterprise, charged with protecting the peace forged nearly a century before.
Prey #2: The Jackal's Trick
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March, 2386 The Jackal's Trick (Prey #2)
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