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Star Trek: The Original Series #54: A Flag Full of Stars
by Brad Ferguson (Apr 1991)
Year: 2272 - Goodreads Rating: 3.70 (796)
Kirk's new, quiet life changes when he meets a scientist named G'dath who is on the brink of perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in a century. G'dath's invention could mean tremendous strides in Federation technology, or - in the wrong hands - the subjugation of countless worlds. When Klingon agents capture this new technology, Admiral Kirk and Lt. Commander Riley are all that stands between peace and devastation for the entire Federation.
3.70 (796)
Star Trek: The Original Series #28: Crisis on Centaurus
by Brad Ferguson (Mar 1986)
Year: 2269 - Goodreads Rating: 3.64 (737)
After Centaurus is bombed and annihilated, Kirk is thrown into a deadly struggle between violent enemy terrorists and vengeful Centaurians. Uhura must jeopardize the Enterprise to save Centaurus, Kirk and McCoy's daughter Joanna.
3.64 (737)
Star Trek: The Next Generation #37: The Last Stand
by Brad Ferguson (Oct 1995)
Year: 2368 - Goodreads Rating: 3.54 (390)
The crew of Enterprise encounter a culture just on the edge of developing warp drive technology but are startled by the sudden approach of thousands of spacecraft from an aggressive alien race bent on destroying the emerging culture.
3.54 (390)