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The Dominion War #1

Behind Enemy Lines

Release DateJuly 1999

The Dominion War #1

Star Trek: The Next Generation

CaptainJean-Luc Picard
StarshipUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
Rating3.82 (754 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated April 28, 2020
Rank#224 out of 642 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
The Enterprise-E is patrolling the Cardassian border, bracing for the joint Dominion-Cardassian offensive that Starfleet knows will come soon. Deep behind enemy lines, the Dominion is attempting to build an artificial wormhole that will allow them to bypass the mined Bajoran wormhole and bring fresh reinforcements into the Alpha Quadrant, altering the balance of power irrevocably.
The Dominion War #1: Behind Enemy Lines
December 6, 2373 (stardate 50929.4) Deep Space Nine S05 E25 - In the Cards
December 14, 2373 (stardate 50953.4) Voyager S03 E25 - Worst Case Scenario
December 22, 2373 (stardate 50975.2) Deep Space Nine S05 E26 - Call to Arms
December 26, 2373 (stardate 50984.3) Voyager S03 E26 - Scorpion, Part 1
to 2374
A Call to Arms (The Dominion War #2)
2373 Behind Enemy Lines (The Dominion War #1)
January 2, 2374 (stardate 51003.7) Voyager S04 E01 - Scorpion, Part 2
2374 Tunnel Through the Stars (The Dominion War #3)
2374 Sacrifice of Angels (The Dominion War #4)
January, 2374 Voyager S04 E02 - The Gift
January, 2374 Voyager S04 E03 - Day of Honor