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String Theory #2


Release DateNovember 2005

String Theory #2

Star Trek: Voyager

CaptainKathryn Janeway
StarshipUSS Voyager
Rating3.93 (461 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated May 2, 2020
Rank#140 out of 651 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
The disruption in the space-time continuum caused by the creation of the "Blue Eye" singularity continues: Thread by thread, the fabric slowly frays and peels away, breaking down barriers between dimensions. As the lines between realities blur, the consequences cascade.
String Theory #2: Fusion
December 24, 2374 (stardate 51978.2) Voyager S04 E26 - Hope and Fear
December, 2374 Cohesion (String Theory #1)
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2374 The War of the Prophets (Millennium #2)
2374 Inferno (Millennium #3)
2374 Fusion (String Theory #2)
December, 2374 Deep Space Nine S06 E26 - Tears of the Prophets
to 2376
A Stitch in Time (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #27)
2374 Evolution (String Theory #3)
2375 The Battle of Betazed (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
2375 Deep Space Nine S07 E01 - Image in the Sand