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Day of Honor #2

Armageddon Sky

Release DateSeptember 1997

Day of Honor #2

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

StarshipsUSS Defiant, Deep Space Nine
Rating3.53 (196 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated May 1, 2020
Rank#516 out of 651 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
Dispatched on a secret mission to investigate the raids, Commander Worf of Deep Space Nine and the crew of the Defiant find themselves trapped on a an alien world threatened by global cataclysm - trapped along with Klingons who were exiled to this world for their loyalty to Worf's dishonored family.
Day of Honor #2: Armageddon Sky
March, 2372
to April, 2372
The Garden (Star Trek: Voyager #11)
March, 2372 Deep Space Nine S04 E10 - Our Man Bashir
March 3, 2372 (stardate 49170.6) Deep Space Nine S04 E11 - Homefront
2372 The Oppressor's Wrong (Slings and Arrows #2)
2372 Voyager S02 E13 - Prototype
2372 Armageddon Sky (Day of Honor #2)
April 20, 2372 (stardate 49301.2) Voyager S02 E18 - Death Wish
2372 Her Klingon Soul (Day of Honor #3)
May 3, 2372 (stardate 49337.4) Voyager S02 E14 - Alliances
May, 2372 Deep Space Nine S04 E13 - Crossfire
May 16, 2372 (stardate 49373.4) Voyager S02 E15 - Threshold