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Star Trek: The Next Generation #19: Perchance to Dream
by Howard Weinstein (Dec 1991)
Year: 2367 - Goodreads Rating: 3.48 (802)
A shuttle with Data, Troi and Wesley is captured by a race called the Tenirans and then disappears. Picard and a Tenarin captain confront an alien force with the power to transform a world.
3.48 (802)
Star Trek: The Next Generation #14: Exiles
by Howard Weinstein (Nov 1990)
Year: 2366 - Goodreads Rating: 3.38 (749)
As Captain Picard and his crew are called to negotiate a peaceful settlement of two enemies, the Enterprise crew is caught up in a web of intrigue and terrorism that culminates with an act of ultimate revenge.
3.38 (749)
Star Trek: The Original Series #4: The Covenant of the Crown
by Howard Weinstein (Dec 1981)
Year: 2276 - Goodreads Rating: 3.35 (690)
Spock, McCoy and Kailyn, the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne, survive when an Enterprise shuttle crash-lands on a barren planet. Pursued by primitive hunters and a band of Klingon scouts, they must reach the mountain where a fabulous dynastic crown is hidden.
3.35 (690)
Star Trek: The Next Generation #6: Power Hungry
by Howard Weinstein (May 1989)
Year: 2365 - Goodreads Rating: 3.26 (692)
Commander Riker and the Enterprise crew struggle to help a Federation ally regain control of their lives – and their world.
3.26 (692)
Star Trek: The Original Series #33: Deep Domain
by Howard Weinstein (Apr 1987)
Year: 2278 - Goodreads Rating: 3.50 (497)
A routine diplomatic visit to the water-world of Akkalla becomes a nightmarish search for a missing Spock and Chekov, a search that plunges Admiral Kirk headlong into a corrupt government's desperate struggle to retain power. For both A Federation Science outpost and Akkalla's valiant freedom fighters have begun uncovering the ancient secrets hidden beneath her tranquil oceans.
3.50 (497)
Star Trek: The Original Series #72: The Better Man
by Howard Weinstein (Dec 1994)
Year: 2275 - Goodreads Rating: 3.56 (260)
On the Empyrea, a colony of genetically perfected human beings, McCoy discovers Anna, a daughter he never knew he had. McCoy soon realizes that the isolationist Empyreans must not learn her father is an off-worlder, and that her genes are less than "perfect." As relations with the Empyreans collapse around him, McCoy must find a way to save his newfound daughter from the harshest penalty her planet can impose.
3.56 (260)
Star Trek: The Original Series: Constellations
Year: 2266 to 2270 - Goodreads Rating: 3.93 (128)
Star Trek: Constellations is a mind-blowing collection of specially-commissioned stories designed to go where no anthology has gone before. Each story in this collection takes its inspiration from an element of 'unfinished business' from the original series so that they read like 'lost episodes' of the television show.
2266 to 2270
3.93 (128)
Mere Anarchy #5: The Blood-Dimmed Tide
by Howard Weinstein (Mar 2007)
Year: 2291 - Goodreads Rating: 3.71 (28)
Twenty-five years after the disaster, Mestiko's recovery is stagnating amid social unrest. A lunar colony designed for scientific research might give the people hope - until a local terrorist group attacks the colony and steals an experimental subspace weapon. The Enterprise is sent to find the Torye and retrieve the weapon.
3.71 (28)